Orting Emergency Evacuation Summit - Oct. 22nd, 2014

"A Solution for Orting Citizens" is presented by the Orting based group, Bridge for Kids in association with Pierce County.

Who Are We?
Bridge for Kids began in November 2001. At a PTA meeting, a group of concerned parents gathered to discuss emergency evacuation in the event of a volcanic hazard known as a lahar. From this beginning a coalition of parents, school employees, and citizens banded together to develop a feasible evacuation plan for the Orting School District.

Mission Statement
To help plan and develop a pedestrian bridge/corridor linking the Orting Valley to the plateau to the east of Orting, providing education, evacuation, recreation and access between those communities.

Record of Progress
The video available through the YouTube link above offers a review of the lahar hazard and the progress in evacuation planning as of fall 2014.

Future Progress
Visualize the Uncle Sam poster inferring that (we) “NEED YOU”.   That is the Bridge for Kids. The proposal’s future is in your hands, the work this group has accomplished here to fore have been all volunteer, and it will take continued volunteer shepherding to move further.

Contact the Team
Contact the Bridge 4 Kids team with any questions by clicking here.

A Bridge for Kids
Is a Bridge for Everyone!

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