The Bridge for Kids Proposal

Under the existing evacuation plan:

* In an actual emergency, students and staff as pedestrians will have to compete with motorized vehicles to evacuate using the current infrastructure.
* The School District can't perform a full scale emergency drill because it is unsafe and impractical even in normal conditions.
* The width of the sidewalks and the separation from roadways are insufficient for the volume of a full scale evacuation.
* An actual emergency carries the very real expectation of erratic driving and roadway gridlock.

The Bridge for Kids proposal is an improvement over the existing evacuation route because:

* Specifically avoids sole dependence on motorized transport for the District and the community at large.
* Accessible to all four campuses! It is less than 1 1/4 miles from any school building
* Avoids crossing auto evacuation routes.
* Provides for a single assembly area

Drills can be held at any time, any day by anybody, as groups or as individuals

The design proposed in the Bridge for Kids Study will accommodate 12,000 moderately paced pedestrians in a 40 minute time frame, and it provides that capacity 24 hours a day.

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