Nuts and Bolts

Civil engineering projects like this are normally expressed in terms of percentages.   Defining what those percentages mean is almost futile.  So let’s break this one project down into easier to explain terms.

The design work in terms of structure type, size and location the project is at a very advanced stage.  Defining the actual material “nuts and bolts” and the cost for same is real close.  Finalizing this work could be considered to be somewhat ‘shovel ready’.  Look at this as having a specked out house design for a house down to carpet, flooring, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, windows and appliances.

This almost complete stage of design is the milestone that was celebrated on October 22, 2014 in Orting.  We have the framework, now more ‘specifics’ is what we are after in the near future.

To actually begin construction, a fairly involved permitting process needs to take place.   But those permits come with completion deadlines after which the applying for permits has to be revisited.

To continue with common terminology, the Bridge for Kids project will require the participation of all levels of government including sovereign tribal governments.  More advocacy has to occur to assure that happens.

If all those levels of government were to be official engaged in the project right now, the permitting work could move forward. 

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